Grand Canyon Smiles | Services
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After an extraction, oftentimes adding bone is important

to preserve the bony foundation for a future bridge or implant.

Periodontal Cleanings

Regular Cleanings

All Porcelain Crowns

Gold or PFM Crowns

White Fillings

Cosmetic Bonding

Teeth Whitening


Laughing Gas

Endondontic Therapy/Root Canals


Wisdom Teeth Removal

Dental Implants

TMJ/TMD Jaw Problems

Oral Cancer Screening


Partial Dentures with or without metal

Mild Oral Sedation

First Visit

During your first routine visit to our office you will receive a comprehensive exam with digital xrays to aid in diagnosing dental caries, periodontal status and other conditions you wish to discuss. However, if you are in pain, you may postpone the regular comprehensive exam and focus only on the area of pain.


Fillings are a simple conservative way to restore lost tooth structure due to decay. Postponing or avoiding dental exams allows cavities to destroy large portions of a tooth, then requiring root canals or crowns or extraction.

Digital X-Rays

Reducing exposure levels of radiation by using digital xrays is an example of our commitment to improving your dental experience.

Dental Implants

One of the greatest advances in dentistry can replace a lost tooth or teeth and avoid the alternative option of a partial denture, a bridge or a large gap in your mouth.

Periodontal Cleanings

Clear factual evidence link heart disease to periodontal disease. Specific bacteria in periodontal disease also contribute to heart disease. By maintaining healthy gum tissue, these bacteria are reduced thereby reducing the potential for heart disease.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening sometimes called “bleaching” safely brightens your smile. Sensitivity can be controlled or even eliminated by using desensitizers while whitening.


When dentures are appropriate, they can recreate the smile you used to have. Lower dentures may be greatly stabilized with implants.

Partial Dentures

When dentures are appropriate, they can recreate the smile you used to have. Lower dentures may be greatly stabilized with implants.

Endondontic (Root Canal)

Sometimes a root canal is needed to save a tooth. In certain cases it is important for a specialist to perform the root canal.

Crowns & Bridges

Sometimes called a “cap”, crowns are used to save teeth that have broken, fractured, been treated endodontically (root canaled) or are too weak to be filled with a filling. All porcelain, porcelain over metal and gold crowns may be used depending on your preference and specific situation.


Bridges are three crowns or more that can replace a space in the mouth. Healthy teeth are needed to serve as the foundation for the bridge and excellent hygiene is needed to maintain the health of the “foundation/anchor” teeth.